Are butt plugs just for entertainment?

Recently, I saw a blog post on butt plugs and I was surprised:

Of course pleasantly!

I have been extremely sporting to try every kind of fetish and adult toy that my partners over the years have been recommending or sometimes insisting that we try when we are a twosome. And I must tell you that even though sometimes I may have had a reservation in using some of the really weird ones; the experience that I got from using them is unparalleled.

Also, I make it a point to not be prejudiced!

Reading reviews on the internet and seeing pictures on the Instagram means that I get prejudiced even before I have acquired it and it can be quite a damper to know everything about it but not being able to enjoy it to the hilt.

That is precisely why I steer away from reviews on sex toys. When we read what other people have experienced we limit ourselves to only trying out those. But if you have never seen a toy but you get them and you try to explore how best you can use them to get the best experience out of them then there is nothing stopping you from having the best time possible in the whole wide world.

So, I hopped on Over at loveplugs!

And what do I see!

Those cute butt plugs were a total steal. They had tens of variants that promised the best of times and I knew that this was not a onetime affair. I have been a regular on the site ever since and I have collected quite a few butt plugs; yes, even the ones with a cute little tail on one end. They so pep up my life and you should see at the look on his face! Incomparable!!